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5 step process couldn't be quicker

We have developed a discrete way to sell your property so nobody will know.

Here is what to do:

Step 1

Fill in the form

Please give us some basic information about the property you wish to sell

Step 2

Offer made within 48 hours

We shall review the information provided and make you an offer within 48 hours, subject to inspection at a later date. We may call you for some clarification.

Step 3

Accept or decline the offer

Once you accept our offer by return email we shall issue a ‘Letter of intent’ for you to sign. On receipt of the signed Letter of Intent to sell, our Solicitor will contact the sellers Solicitor to receive a sales contract. It is vital your solicitor has the legal contract and supporting documents ready to enable the quick timeframe to be adhered to.

Step 4

Upload legal documents

You must provide us with your solicitor’s details and other information pertaining to the sale. We can close within 2 weeks provided your solicitor provides us with the full legal pack immediately.  We aim to close the sale in no longer than four weeks.

Step 5

Sign contract and transfer funds

On receipt of all the paper work we undertake our due diligence so that we can complete the sale quickly. Once complete, we arrange for the signing of the contracts, transfer of funds and closing of the sale.

If you're in a hurry to sell your property, then we're in a hurry to buy it.

We've had years of experience in property sales so we know how long it can take to sell yours. So we have created this online platform where you can enter your property's details and get a real and reasonable offer from us, in just 48 hours. No more wait and see, just enter your details to get a fair price that means you and your property can both move on, quickly.

Sale Agreed's quick turnaround means nothing gets put on hold.

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